SwingTek – Pattern Recognition


RELEASE DATE 2017-02-27
LABELS UP Records Australia


UP Records Presents Pattern Recognition, the latest single of Australian Progressive Psytrance duo SwingTek, the group of Joshua Balsdon and Angus Smith of Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. Pattern Recognition is an amazing piece of production!. This truly sets a new level of quality from SwingTek, with a whole new take on modern soundscape and structure! Set for dancefloors worldwide. Their new sound has been compared to some of the greatest names in modern Psytrance around the globe with the capability to vibrate ears throughout the scene!. Be prepared for more SwingTek!.
Mastered by Raz Kfir [Upgrade – Israel].
Cover Art by Kyle Cook [KCDesigns – Australia].

SwingTek – Mechanical Creation


RELEASE DATE 2016-06-06
LABELS UP Records Australia


UP Records presents Mechanical Creation! The blasting debut single from Australian Progressive Trance group SwingTek. SwingTek is the project of Joshua Balsdon [AudioSpazm] and Angus Smith [Jangus Khan] of Far North Queensland, Australia. Blasting is just the start of the way to describe this mechanical abomination! This is a rig breaker, one of the most powerful tracks in the SwingTek armada to date combining all of their technical industrial elements at every turn. With the success of their previous releases; Cyborg; EP – Hybrid Vibration [Ovnimoon Records – Chile / USA]; and EP – Chemical Reaction [UP Records – Australia]; this is something special for the growing audience of SwingTek to enjoy!
Mastered by Joshua Balsdon [SwingTek Studios – Cairns, Australia].
3D Graphics & Cover by Nouwl [Noel Wetere – Sydney, Australia].

Mechanic Noise – All Night


ARTISTS Mechanic Noise, Dual Core, Mechanic Noise
RELEASE DATE 2016-05-09
LABELS UP Records Australia


UP Records presents, All Night! The new EP release of Mechanic Noise [Brazil], also known as Ronie Macedo of Brazil. All Night speaks for itself, you could listen to this all times of night or day for that matter. With Ronie’s unique production style and take on psychedelic trance this is a release worth checking out!. The release includes a whooping remix of Dual Core; the group of Eran Ben Gaon & Adi Milner [Israel]; which is surely to grab some ears with defined synthesis and a good sense of the original track, Fixation!. All Night covers many aspects of modern production and style suitable for any dancefloor!. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have at UP Records [Australia].
Mastering by Raz Kfir [AKA RAZ / Upgrade – Israel]
Graphics by Planeto [AKA Oron Aiche – Israel]

SwingTek – Chemical Reaction


RELEASE DATE 2016-03-28
LABELS UP Records Australia


UP Records presents, Chemical Reaction; the new EP release of the progressive psytrance act, SwingTek. SwingTek is the project of Joshua Balsdon & Angus Smith based in Cairns of tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Chemical Reaction is the 2nd installment of SwingTek with excellent results in their debut release Hybrid Vibration with Ovnimoon Records, Chile. This release is an outstanding example of the signature sound developed over the past 3 years driven by the talent behind the brain of SwingTek, with the combination of skills and experience displayed in all productive and musical technique. Each track is unique and defined with ground breaking basslines, soundscapes and overall presence. Be prepared for much more from SwingTek!!.
Mastered by: Raz Kfir [AKA Upgrade].
Cover Design / Artwork by: Noel Wetere [Sydney, Australia].